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Aquanuts will be flying at the lake in the morning (10/15/16). Breakfast bunch meet at whataburger in Gresham at 7 am and arrive at the lake at 8 am. Hope to see you at the lake.


Jan 2016: Tyler Modelers Club Face Book Page:  Check out our face book page.  There you can communicate with each other,   post pictures of your latest project and planes and talk about flying.   Keep up to date with who is flying and when.  We currently have 96 members.   The Facebook Icon on the left hand side of this page will take you to our Page.  You must have a facebook account to become a member of the group. 


Jan 2016: Want to  become a member of Tyler Modelers Club 

 Click on the Become a Member Button on the left hand side of this page and follow the instructions.

 Remember there are no dues requirement to be a member of TMC.  

We do have some small amout of expenses each year so we will accept donations.  The donations are not required . 



Northside R/C Airpark is open all day from daylight to dark seven days a week.  TMC members may fly any day of the week. 

We have  days we call "CLUB FLY DAYS"  These are days members try to get together as a club and fly.   For those non workers (retired people)  or non retired people   that can get an hour or two off during the week we invite you to come fly on TUESDAY and THURSDAY and Saturday and Sunday (Weekday Club Fly Days)    Check out the face book page to see who is going flying and when. 


For you weekend Flyers the Club Fly Day is Saturday So come on out anytime Saturday,  Bring your friends family, Children and have a great time. 

Sunday is open all day for flying also for you weekend flyers.



 The Aquanuts normally fly on Saturdays. Aquanuts will be flying this Saturday  (October 1, 2016) at the lake. Starting at 8am. Breakfast bunch meet at the Whataburger stand in Gresham at 7am

Check the top of this newsletter regurarly for possible changes to the Flying Intentions. Also check the TMC facebook page. It will also be showing intentions of the aquanuts flying.

 Aquanuts is float flying club made up primarily of members from Tyler Modelers.  It is an AMA Chartered Club.  You do not have to be a member of Tyler Modelers to be a member of "The Aquanuts"

Aquanuts Website: Click on the Aquanuts Button on the left hand side of the page to go to their website for more detailed information about the club and its location. It also has a map to the lake.  



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Featured Pilot

Featured Pilot

Hector Ochoa and his wife Fara:

Hector is our Club Secretary Treasurer and Webmaster

He and Fara have a new son born last month. His name is Kiba

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