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TMC News Update Sunday JUN 15, 2018                                        


1- The Aquanuts will fly tomorrow.  Breakfast Bunch meet at Whataburger at 7:00 am and leave for the lake at 7:30 arriving at 8am for flying.  CU at the Lake.

2- TMC had a very Good meeting Thursday night June 14th, 2018. We approve a joint fun fly with the tuff club to celebrate National Model Aviation Day.  Date  August 11th, 2018 .  This should be a good event to celebrate modeling.  There will be no landing fee.  There will be hot dogs,  and Drinks served for lunch.  They will be grilled on the Grill there at the field.  The public will be invited.  We expect there will be some news media on the event.  We will be giving small balsa planes out to kids.   Watch this site as this event developes.  Check out our facebook page for pictures that were made at the club meeting. 


3-TMC Flying  Get Together days are Tues and Thursdays. Time 6pm.  We have been getting a good number of people out so come join in the evening fun at the Field with us. 




1- Go to Members from the home page.

2- Go to Members Update.

3- Complete Registeration

4- Click Register.

5- Mail a Check for $25.00 to Hector Ochoa or give it to him at a club meeting.

6- You must have a current 2018 AMA Card to Register. 7- New member applicants can go through this same procedure.



 Near term events for Tyler Modelers and The Aquanuts will be listed  in the news section above and in the Face Book section. Long term activities will be listed in the Events section.


Northside R/C Airpark is open all day from daylight to dark seven days a week.


 Tyler Modelers Club Face Book Page:  Check out our face book page.  There you can communicate with each other,   post pictures of your latest project and planes and talk about flying.   Keep up to date with who is flying and when. The Facebook Icon on the left hand side of this page will take you to our Page.  You must have a facebook account to become a member of the group. 


 Want to  become a member of Tyler Modelers Club.  Click on the Become a Member Button on the left hand side of this page and follow the instructions. 


 Aquanuts is float flying club made up primarily of members from Tyler Modelers. 

It is an AMA Chartered Club. 

You do not have to be a member of Tyler Modelers to be a member of "The Aquanuts". All members are currently member of TMC at this time. 

Contact JerryTruell if you are interested in becoming a member.


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