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Orville Haggard

A longtime member of Tyler Modelers passed away today March 29th 2021 in Tyler Texas.

Additional information will be posted here when available.


  • Tyler Modelers Club

  • Dues for 2021

  • The Tyler Modelers Board of Directors presented and passed a motion extending the 2020 dues through December 2021.

  • No dues will be required for Tyler Modelers members for 2021.

  • Your Leadership Team

  • __________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Tyler Modelers  Float Flying  Guidelines

  • Notifications dealing with float flying will be posted on the Home Page of The Tylers Modelers web site,

  • 1. Notices will be posted on Thursday or Friday prior to the upcoming float fly.

  • 2. If a scheduled float fly is to be canceled a notice will be posted on The Tyler Modelers web site on Friday or early Saturday morning. If you have any questions if the event will be held please check the Tyler Modelers web site

Please verify a scheduled float fly before you go to the Lake.



Tyler Modelers Club and COVID-19

UP Date: 7-3-2020 Governor Abbot updated the guidelines for face covering. If you are in a Texas County that has more than 20 COVID-19 cases you are required to ware a face covering starting 7-3-2020 at noon.

UP DATE: 5-4-2020  Stay at Home law has been lifted by The Texas Govenor effective May 1st, however Governor Abbot's guidelines for seniors 65 and older remain the same as the past Stay at Home guidelines only go out if required.  The city parks will still be open.

Daily operations of the Tyler Parks including The North Park Flying Field are open and at the present time the parks will be maintained and supported as normal. Any changes in park operations or guidelines will be brought to your attention.

Tyler Modelers events will be held or canceled as directed by authorities  Local, State, Federal or the Leadership Team of Tyler Modelers.



Schedule for 2021

Due to Covid 19 Tyler Modelers have no activities planed for  2021.


All changes or notifications affecting Tyler Modelers Club Members or activities will be listed on the home page of the TMC web site, and also by e-mail to all members with a current e-mail address.


If you have questions, contact:

Wayne Garrett, 903-360-1282,

Jack Hogan, 903-360-2444,

Your Tyler Modelers Leadership Team




Tyler Modelers Dues are $25 per year from January 1st of each year.  Please go to the members section of this site and then click on update and review your club information.  Change any information it will allow you to change and answer any questions.   When finished click update.  You will then receive an email along with an application form completed.   Please forward a copy of the email to Jack Hogan at  and mail a check if applicable to the post office box on the application.

New members click on the Register Button on the home page and follow the instructions.

Any questions contact  Jack Hogan at or call if you perfer 903-360-2444


Check of the TMC Facebook Page by clicking on the Facebook app on the left hand side of the home page. You will need a Facebook account for this section.



North Side R/C AirPark is open every day from sunup to sundown.













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